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We are conveniently located right off Route 30 at 1717 Old Philadelphia Pike, Lancaster, PA 17602.
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At Family Chiropractic of Lancaster County (also known as Family Chiropractic Wellness Center of Lancaster County), we are well equipped to meet any of your chiropractic needs. Our dedicated professionals can diagnose and resolve any of your chiropractic needs. Family Chiropractic performs many services that will help you discover whole body health. These services include:


Happy 122nd Birthday to Chiropractic!

Chiropractic is the only health care system discovered and developed in America. On September 18th 1895, Dr. D.D. Palmer of Davenport, Iowa gave the first chiropractic adjustment.

His first patient was Harvey Lilard, a janitor who had been deaf from an accident years earlier. Dr. Palmer found a lump on Lilard’s upper spine that presumed to be a spinal bone out of position. After several adjustments, Lilard could hear again, thus the amazing discovery of Chiropractic!!

Subluxations continue to be the root cause of spinal cord and nerve dysfunction and interference causing the body breakdown and disease. Subluxations are also found to be the number one cause of constant pain, illness, and disease today.

Join the millions of people who have found the amazing benefits of Chiropractic care. Call us today.

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We Accept Most Health Insurance

We make receiving care as easy as possible and work with many national insurance groups to make this as simple as can be including these insurers:

  • Worker’s Comp
  • Auto
  • Personal Injury
  • Highmark® Blue Shield
  • HealthAmerica®
  • Medicare

We also have options available for individuals with no insurance or with high deductibles. One of these options is Chiropractic Lifecare of America. Be sure to ask us about it.

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Free Workshops!

All workshops are on Tuesdays from 6:15-7:00pm. Call ahead to let us know you’re coming at (717) 393-9955!

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