Our Beliefs

“As instruments of God, loving only to love, our purpose is to empower people to live superior lives by educating and adjusting as many families as possible toward optimal health through natural chiropractic care.”

What Our Purpose Statement Means

Family Chiropractic of Lancaster County is a Christian-based practice. That doesn’t mean our chiropractors will preach to you, nor does it mean you have to be a Christian to become a patient. It simply means that we answer to a higher calling. Whether making treatment recommendations or performing chiropractic adjustments, our staff strives to provide the best possible service so we can restore patients to their full God-given potential.

Our Chiropractic Beliefs

At Family Chiropractic of Lancaster County, we believe that the body is a self-healing, self-regulating organism. Chiropractic care removes interference from the nervous system so the body can function at optimal health. This will reduce pain and other symptoms without medication or more invasive treatments.

Good health depends on the health of your spine. When aligned properly, the body will function at peak performance. When pushed out of alignment, the spine creates unnecessary stress on the nervous system. This stress often creates chronic pain, numbness, headaches and countless other problems. It can also exacerbate existing health conditions such as asthma, depression and fibromyalgia.

Modern medicine often covers up these problems with medication and surgery. Chiropractic care addresses them at the root. When combined with other holistic healthcare methods such as massage and good nutrition, regular chiropractic treatments can help your body achieve lasting optimal health.

Depending on patient needs, we can balance our chiropractic recommendations with holistic healthcare such as massage, physical therapy and nutrition. Contact us today for more information about these & other services.

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