Whole Body Health


Family Chiropractic Wellness Center now provide services, by appointment, at the office. Our services include functional nutritional counseling for adults and children, healthy eating and weight loss plans, detoxification and non-invasive health screenings including: assessments related to hormones, digestion, intestinal barrier, immune and detoxification systems, adrenal and thyroid performance; Lyme disease screenings and food sensitivity screenings.

Using a whole body approach, underlying causes associated with symptoms are addressed with simple, healthy lifestyle changes and professional supplementation. We help clients live their best lives through education, support and prevention.

Family Chiropractic Wellness Center realizes the importance of whole body health and that nutrition is a key component in achieving optimal health. The doctors work together to ensure that they make a personalized program for each patient and use chiropractic care, massage, rehabilitation, and/or nutrition to help the body function at optimal health.